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Teaching packages

Bundles of resources, including lesson plans, competitions, role-plays and videos on a single theme.

Remote village of Sathighar 4 hours North of Katmandu

Natural disasters: earthquakes

Topic: Disasters and emergencies
Ages: 11–19
Subject: Geography
Understand the humanitarian impact of natural disasters.

Cartoon characters Kelly and Dan

Life. Live it. First aid education for children

Topic: First aid and the bystander effect
Ages: 6–11
Subject: PSHE
Use films, quizzes and worksheets to help students learn essential first aid skills.

A first aid scenario featuring a teenage boy with an injured hand

First aid education: 11–19

Topic: First aid and the bystander effect
Ages: 11–19
Subject: PSHE
Explore 16 first aid skills with this interactive teaching resource.

BigDog robot 'walking' in a snowy forest

Robots in war

Topic: Conflict
Ages: 11–19
Subject: Citizenship, English, Geography, History
Discuss the subject of humanity in a high-tech age.

Justice and Fairness

Justice and Fairness

Topic: Conflict and consequences
Ages: 14–16
Subject: Citizenship
Explore issues of justice and fairness through the lens of international humanitarian law.

Positive Images logo

Positive Images

Topic: Refugees and migration
Ages: 12–19
Subject: PSHE, Geography, Media Studies
An educational resource exploring migration and development.

Pupils take part in the Pillowcase Project

The Pillowcase Project

Topic: Disasters and emergencies
Ages: 7–11
Subject: PSHE, Geography, Science, English
Help children understand, cope with and respond to emergencies.