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Refugee journeys: The Long Road

Leading artists have teamed up with the British Red Cross to create a new album based on the real-life stories of refugees and asylum seekers. To create The Long Road album, artists paired up with people who had been forced to flee their home and seek safety in the UK.

Spoken word poet Scroobius Pip, Led Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant, Kindness and many others have contributed to the record.

Scroobius Pip’s Who are you track was inspired by Ramelle, a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Robert Plant recorded a version of Elbow’s The Blanket of Night; a song about refugees attempting a treacherous journey to gain asylum in the UK.

Ayman Hirh, a refugee who fled Syria, inspired Kindness’ track titled A retelling. He said: “I hope that my experience and the album will encourage people to think about the reasons people like me are forced to leave home.”

Resource overview

Pick and choose from transcripts of three songs featured on The Long Road album to help young people engage with refugee stories.

A set of critical questions open up a space for conversation, discussion and debate and help build young peoples’ understanding of the humanitarian impact of the current refugee crisis.

Learning Objectives

Young people will:

  • Think critically about what makes us who we are and how identity, place and belonging are related.
  • Consider how media representations of migration might differ from the first-hand narratives of people who have fled their homes to seek sanctuary in another country.
  • Empathise with refugees and asylum seekers through gaining deeper understanding of the reasons why people flee, what they leave behind, the difficulties of their journeys and uncertainty surrounding their arrivals and future lives.
  • Consider what actions they could take to make refugees and asylum seekers feel more welcome in their communities.

Suggested age range


Curriculum links

English, SMSC 

Source material

Robert plant: The blanket of night

Kindness: A retelling

Scroobius Pip: Who are you


Discover the full story behind The Long Road EP:



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This lesson plan was written in March 2016 by Helen Davis and Lucy Tutton of the British Red Cross. Reviewed October 2017.


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