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Refugee support true stories

Every year, we help thousands of refugees and asylum seekers adjust to a new life in a new country. Read their stories here.

When Ibrahim was reunited with his wife and sons, they became the 1000th family to be reunited by the British Red Cross.

Tamba saw his colleagues executed on live TV because they criticised the government. There were then 25 years of fear, corruption and sleeping rough.

A Red Cross project in Wales is providing language support to help refugee women settle into their new lives in the UK.

Therese was forced to flee the Ivory Coast and leave her children behind – until the Red Cross helped bring about a very special family reunion.

Seven years after fleeing Zimbabwe in fear of his life and seeking refuge in the UK, Wonder has finally been reunited with his family.

When Ahmad had to leave Iran, the Red Cross helped him reconnect with his family and get settled in the UK.

When Mbiriyashe left his native Zimbabwe to visit his sick sister in Birmingham nine years ago, things quickly went wrong.

After his father was killed, Mohamed Arbab was forced to flee Sudan and leave his young family behind – but now we have reunited them.

One day at our refugee centre in Portsmouth means helping more than 40 refugees and asylum seekers of all ages from across the world.

Young refugees, many of whom now volunteer for us, tell their stories in a series of video diaries we produced for Refugee Week.

Aimee and her son narrowly escaped being shot in a Congo detention camp. Now in Glasgow, we helped her contact her family and start over.

When refugee Aza, 17, fled to the UK, he found himself alone and disorientated – until we stepped in and transformed his life.

After fleeing torture and persecution in Eritrea, refugee Alia is building a new life in the UK with our help.

Aldijana Becirevic came to the UK from Bosnia as a child with her family, and is now a solicitor, helping other refugees and asylum seekers.

Eric Nkundumubano escaped the Rwandan genocide to settle in the UK. Watch a video about his troubled past and hopes for the future.

Watch a video about Tich, a refugee from Zimbabwe who had to leave her family behind to escape to the UK.


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