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Preparing for disasters

We don't just respond to emergencies – we also prepare for them. 

Being prepared makes a huge difference in saving lives and protecting people's livelihoods. 

It also makes economic sense. For every £1 invested in reducing the risk of disasters, £4 are saved in terms of emergency response and reconstruction.

Emergency response volunteer and woman

How to prepare for emergencies

A little bit of knowledge can go a long way. Learn what to do in a flood, fire, terrorist incident or other unexpected emergency.

Bangladeshi couple sitting on doorstep of their new home


Find out how we help communities around the world prepare for, withstand and recover from disasters.

A woman stands at the end of a tunnel

Nepal: preparing for earthquakes

Our project in the Kathmandu valley supports people to recover from the 2015 earthquakes prepare for other disasters.

Women from a community committee look at the work they have done on a river bank

Nepal: preparing for floods

Our project in the Jhapa region of the Terai plains supports people to reduce their risks from floods and other disasters.

Man with mega-phone preparing for a cyclone

Bangladesh: helping communities cope with disasters

Read about how we help people prepare for, deal with and recover from disasters.

Boy fills bucket from water point

Kenya: preparing for disasters

Read about how we are helping communities to prepare for drought and other natural disasters.

Children washing their hands

Tackling poverty, disease and disaster in East Timor

We're building brighter futures in one of the world's youngest - and poorest - countries.

Woman cooking over a fire in her home in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe: food security and livelihoods

We are combating hunger by helping families generate their own food and income with agricultural training.

Volunteers dig in DPRK

Reducing the impact of disasters in DPRK

Sixteen million people suffer from malnutrition in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) – also known as North Korea – and the country is prone to natural disasters.


Stories about being prepared

When Cyclone Roanu struck in May 2016, volunteers saved lives in their communities through a Red Cross project.

Women are particularly at risk of losing their lives in cyclones, but Sokanur and her friends are now better prepared.

Read about how Noorjhan's own tragedy motivated her to help others.

Nazma’s experiences as a community volunteer have earned her respect as well as heartache.

Read about what motivates sisters Hashi and Koli to prepare for disasters.