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West Africa Food Crisis Appeal 2012

Updated 2 July 2012

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement has been working in west Africa for many years, and since December 2011 has been responding to the food crisis there. It is able to help even in areas of unrest, where many other organisations cannot work.

 Map of countries affected in west AfricaThis map is for illustrative purposes only, and does not express a British Red Cross opinion.

Across the Sahel region of west Africa, food insecurity left communities facing hunger, malnutrition and ill-health. Pictured below are a few of people from the affected countries. Reveal the drop-down text to see just how many other people in their countries were facing food crisis.

(Clockwise from top left) ©: Nathalie Bonvin/ IFRC, Moustapha Diallo/ IFRC, Sarah Oughton/ IFRC, Julien Goldstein/ IFRC, Sarah Oughton/IFRC, IFRC.

Senegal Burkina Faso Chad Niger Mali Niger


Blog: UK vs. west Africa drought mapped

Villagers in Niger

While both the Sahel and the UK are described as being in drought, they face very different situations.

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Appeal news

The Red Cross continues to help people in the Sahel – where 17 million are still facing severe food shortages.

We are sending another £120,000 to help people hit by drought in west Africa.