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Alan's story: “It’s been a constant worry”

Happy to have pletnty of water at last!Layton Thompson

When floods hit Gloucestershire in 2007, many people were left without running water. Fifty-four-year old Alan Duligall, whose left leg was amputated the previous year, lives alone in a Gloucester bungalow. With no water available from either his local bowsers or supermarket, Alan was uncertain what to do next until the Red Cross stepped in to offer help.

“The water in Gloucester was cut off entirely on Sunday afternoon. I’m lucky because I have a disabled car, so initially I was able to get some bottled water from the local supermarket. But the second time I went, the queue reached back for about quarter of a mile so I just turned back.

“Soon after that, the supermarket itself was flooded. Then the bowsers didn’t arrive in our area until Tuesday morning and, virtually as soon as they were filled, they were emptied again.


“It’s absolutely brilliant when the Red Cross just turned up on my doorstep with all this water. I honestly didn’t expect anything so it makes all the difference. They arrived half an hour ago and started stacking all these large bottles in my hallway.

“Up till now, it’s been a constant worry wondering where the next lot of water was coming from. And the sanitary issues – with no flushing toilets and everything – do start to get you down after a while, so this has been a real tonic. I’m over the moon!”

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