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South Sudan Crisis Appeal

The people of South Sudan are facing a battle to survive. The world’s newest nation has been engulfed in a vast humanitarian crisis since violence broke out in December 2013.

More than two million people have been forced to flee their homes, many of whom have escaped to neighbouring countries.

People are in desperate need of the most basic support – food, clean water and shelter. You can help them by making a donation. 

13 things you didn't know about South Sudan

Cattle in South Sudan

How much do you know about the world's newest nation? Take a journey around this vast new country.

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Stories, images and videos from South Sudan

Women collect sorghum, a type of cereal, and oil a few hours after the bags hit the ground in Leer

Get an insight into life for those affected by the conflict and our aid workers who are trying to help.

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First Red Cross airdrops in nearly 20 years

What is going on in South Sudan? 

A patient on a stretcher

Questions about the crisis answered and find out how the Red Cross is helping people affected by the conflict.  

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Listen: Why is the Red Cross treating cows?

Cattle in South Sudan

One of our aid workers explains why the Red Cross is treating hundreds of thousands of cows in South Sudan.

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South Sudan Crisis Appeal

Mother and baby in South Sudan

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South Sudan news

Hundreds of thousands of people in South Sudan face starvation unless urgent action is taken.

After fighting broke out in South Sudan’s capital Juba over the weekend, Red Cross staff are beginning to assess the situation there.

A hospital came under attack in South Sudan leading to more than a dozen deaths.