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Give & Gain loyalty card

Our loyalty card scheme rewards British Red Cross charity shop customers with points for the purchases they make in store.

There are many rewards for cardholders, including special offers, discounts, loyalty events, and 10 per cent off your first purchase.

Use the card to save points, sign up for Gift Aid, or both – it’s up to you.

Collect points

You can earn points on your groceries, so why not on your charity shopping, too?

We reward your loyalty to the Red Cross by offering one point for every £1 spent in our participating charity shops. Just hand over your card at the till and watch the points add up.

  • Look out for opportunities to double your points.

  • Receive discount vouchers in the post, twice a year.

  • Donate points back to Red Cross projects.

Loyalty card-holders will also receive vouchers and be kept up-to-date with events in store, special offers, discounts and opportunities to double their points.

Gift Aid

Using Gift Aid means the Red Cross can reclaim tax on all the money made from the stock you donate – that’s an extra 25p for every £1.

When you sign up to Give & Gain, we can simply swipe your card each time you donate, track how much your items sell for, and then claim back the Gift Aid.

Gift Aid on stock is available in all shops except those in the UK Crown Dependencies, and any without an electronic sale till.

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