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How to link to the British Red Cross website

Group of people linking hands© InfoWe encourage other organisations and individuals link to our website. Our site is vast, so we particularly encourage links to deeper content in order to help people find the information they need.

Please make the links as relevant as possible to the content on your page. For example, if you have a page about emergency response in the UK, please consider linking to our UK emergency response page.

Text links

The best way to link to us is by including a text link to one of our pages of content. Once you find the page on our site you want to link to, include the title of page in the link text you want to use.

Here are some suggested phrases and the pages you could link to:

Page title      Address
About the British Red Cross
Current emergency appeals
First aid
First aid training
Lesson plans
Make a regular donation to the Red Cross
Media centre
Teaching resources
Volunteer for the British Red Cross
What the British Red Cross does
Wheelchair hire and other medical equipment

And here’s some example code for you to use:

Download <a href=” title=”Teaching resources”>teaching resources<a/> from the British Red Cross

This will appear as 'Download teaching resources from the British Red Cross', with teaching resources becoming a link to the page on our site.

Using our marque

 Our marque is a red cross on a white background with our name next to it. The red cross emblem and the words "Red Cross" are protected under international and national laws, so use of our marque is restricted much more than other organisations’ logos are.
Normally our marque is not able to be used on external websites, although there are some exceptions. If you would like to use the marque on your website, you will first need to request permission from our head of international law, Michael Meyer, at