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Those who seek sanctuary in the UK should be treated fairly and humanely.

What's wrong?

Thousands of British Red Cross service-users, whatever their status, experience serious problems with the UK asylum system. This leaves them distressed and destitute.

Too many families are torn apart and struggle to reunite due to the complex process and restrictions.

What are we calling for?

  • We want to see a fair, effective and humane asylum system that treats people with respect and dignity.
  • We want that system to uphold the UK's responsibilities to provide safety for refugees.
  • We believe that no asylum seeker in the UK should be without a home and financial support.
  • We think that a better system would include the early and sustained delivery of quality legal advice.
Marie needed our help to reunite with her family.

Family reunion

Refugees are struggling to reunite with their family members. Despite being part of UK and international law, the process just isn’t working.

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Ending destitution

We are calling for changes to the asylum system to prevent people being left in desperate conditions without homes or jobs.


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