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Boxes being unloaded from an aeroplane

Red Cross reaches two million people in Yemen with humanitarian aid

19 Jan 2016

The Red Cross and the Yemeni Red Crescent are providing two million people in Yemen with humanitarian aid through a co-ordinated programme.

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Three Red Cross workers unload boxes of medical supplies from a truck

Yemen: first medical supplies since August reach Taiz

16 Feb 2016

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has delivered three tonnes of life-saving medical supplies into Taiz in Yemen - the first delivery in the badly damaged city since August.

Signed first aid videos

Watch our series of first aid videos for deaf people explaining how to deal with a variety of emergency situations and first aid incidents.

Man showing woman a booklet

Young refugees' video diaries

Young refugees, many of whom now volunteer for us, tell their stories in a series of video diaries we produced for Refugee Week.

Young children eating in a South Africa Red Cross school

Annie Lennox lends her voice to World AIDS Day

29 Nov 2010

Annie Lennox has joined forces with the British Red Cross for World AIDS Day to highlight the lives of people affected by HIV in South Africa.

Woman eating at Red Cross shelter

How we helped after the Myanmar cyclone 2008

Red Cross teams helped build shelters, construct water and sanitation facilities and provide healthcare. Find out more about how we helped people in Myanmar (Burma) recover.

Man holding chicken

Hadi's story: investing in poultry after the tsunami

Hadi Marhento used a British Red Cross cash grant to buy chicks, his business has developed and he now offers a butchery service.

Farmer in Bangladesh smiles at one of his ducks

How we helped after Cyclone Sidr

A severe cyclone in Bangladesh claimed almost three thousand lives. Find out how we've helped the survivors try to recover.

Mawardi smiles

Mawardi and Jaflinar's story: fuelling recovery after the tsunami

Mawardi and Jaflinar have slowly rebuilt their lives after the tsunami, moving into a house built by the British Red Cross and starting a petrol business.

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